• Industrial Visit at Privi Speciality Chemical Limited
  • Tarang 2022-23
  • National Voters Day
  • “Chala Januya Nadila” Campaign
  • Indradhanush 2022-23

Educational/Industrial Visits

Educational trips are the heart of our efforts to provide students with the most technical information possible. These visits assist students in choosing the appropriate professions. An industrial visit’s goal is to provide students insight into how businesses operate from the inside out. We are all aware that theoretical understanding alone will not enable a successful professional career. An industrial visit provides the student with a realistic view of the world of work, with the goal of going beyond academics. College offer industrial tours for students with the goal of providing students significant functional opportunities in many industries such as IT, manufacturing and services, finance, and marketing.

  • It allows students to obtain firsthand knowledge of how the industry works.
  • Allows students to design, organize, and participate in active learning events both inside and outside of the classroom.
  • Provides insight into the industry’s actual working environment.
  • Assists them in envisioning their future role in the workforce.

Industrial visits are an attempt to bridge the theoretical and practical difference, and their benefits are as follows:

The major element that a student should be knowledgeable about is technological advancement. Visiting different firms allows students to develop positive relationships with such companies. We know that developing ties with firms will always help us get a quality job in the future.  Students will be more concerned about earning a job after having an industrial visit.

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