Mentor Mentee Program

Students frequently require mentorship, advice, and counselling from a caring senior while pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree. Direct academic difficulties, such as the student’s choice of electives, can be explained to them without difficulty. However, more engagement from the mentor is required for finer details, such as job alternatives or dread of a subject or course. Of course, a student should work with the same mentor throughout the whole programme.

Mentoring System

The process has been established as ‘Mentoring System’. Each faculty will be the mentor of a group of 20 to 25 students. Departmental faculties will continue to be mentors for the same group of students till their last year of graduation.


The mentor will perform the following tasks. A mentor can always do more for the benefit of the learners.

  • At least once a month, meet with the group of learners.
  • Continue to keep an eye on, counsel, direct, and inspire the students in all academic subjects.
  • Offer advice to students on selecting electives, projects, etc.
  • If necessary, get in touch with learners parents or guardians, such as when there are academic irregularities, bad behavioral changes, poor interpersonal relationships, negative activities, etc.
  • Assist students with their professional/career growth.
  • Continue to communicate with students even after they graduate.
  • Inform the HOD and advise any necessary administrative action.
  • Keep a record of the pupil.

The HOD will:

  • Review the correct execution of the system at least once a month with all of his or her department’s mentors;
  • Provide mentors with advice as needed.
  • When required, begin administrative action against a pupil.
  • Continue to tell the institute’s director.

How mentoring will be conducted

  • Advice on choosing a job, setting professional objectives, and pursuing higher education.
  • Professional Advancement – in terms of possibilities for independent work, entrepreneurial development, and the morale, honesty, and integrity needed for career advancement.
  • Specific to the course work, including attendance and performance.
  • Laboratory-specific information, such as Dos and Don’ts.

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