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Computer Science – Syllabus

1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year
Sem-I Sem-II Sem III Sem IV Sem V Sem VI
Digital Systems & Architecture Design & Analysis of Algorithms Theory of Computation Fundamentals of Algorithms Elective-I (Select Any Two) Elective-I (Select Any Two)
Introduction to Programming with Python Advanced Python Programming Core JAVA Advanced JAVA Artificial Intelligence Wireless Sensor Networks and Mobile Communication
LINUX Operating System Introduction to OOPs using C++ Operating System Computer Networks Linux Server Administration Cloud Computing
Open Source Technologies Database Systems Database Management Systems Software Engineering Software Testing and Quality Assurance Cyber Forensics
Discrete Mathematics Calculus Combinatorics and Graph Theory  Linear Algebra using Python Elective-II (Select Any Two) Elective-II (Select Any Two)
Descriptive Statistics Statistical Methods Physical Computing and IoT Programming .NET Technologies Information and Network Security Information Retrieval
Soft Skills E-Commerce & Digital Marketing Skill Enhancement: Web Programming Skill Enhancement: Android Developer Fundamentals Architecting of IoT Digital Image Processing
Practical of USCS101  +  USCS102  +  USCS103 + USCS104 + USCS105 + USCS106 Practical of USCS201  +  USCS202  +  USCS203 + USCS204 + USCS205 + USCS206 Practical of USCS302 + USCS303 + USCS304 Practical of USCS401 +  USCS402 +  USCS403 Web Services Data Science
Practical of USCS305 + USCS306 + USCS307 Practical of USCS405 +  USCS406 +  USCS407 Skill Enhancement Skill Enhancement
Game Programming Ethical Hacking
Practical of USCS501  +  USCS502 Project Implementation
Practical of USCS503  +  USCS504 Practical of USCS602  +  USCS604
Practical of USCS601  +  USCS603

Disclaimer – Syllabus & subjects are according to the current circular from respective University/ Education Board and can be changed without prior notice if updated by University or Education Board.

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