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Sr. No. Name Designation Post
1 Dr. P. G. Kale Chairperson Principal
2 Mr. Rakesh S. Wadvalkar Program Officer Faculty
3 Mrs. Samidha D. Chandvekar Staff Member Faculty
4 Mr. Santosh Vishwakarma N.S.S. Student Leader (Male) Member
5 Miss. Harshada Kamble N.S.S. Student Leader (Female) Member
6 Dr. M. A. Badgujar NSS Dist. Coordinator (University Representative) Member
7 Mrs. Kunda Sutar Representative from the Adopted Area Member
8 Mr. Rupesh More Representative of Development Officer Member


Sr. No. Name Designation Post
1 Dr. P. G. Kale Principal Chairperson
2 Miss. Amruta Dinesh Gaikwad Asst. Professor Convenor
3 Miss. Komal Kamlesh Gaikwad Asst. Professor Member
4 Mrs. Jyothi Vasantha Poojary Asst. Professor Member
5 Mrs. Anushka Ashutosh Salunkhe Asst. Professor Member
6 Mr. Rakesh Suresh Wadvalkar Asst. Professor Member


Sr. No. Name Designation Post
1 Dr. P. G. Kale Principal Chairperson
2 Mrs. Anushka Ashutosh  Salunkhe Asst. Professor Convener (Extension teacher)
3 Miss. Komal Kamlesh Gaikwad Asst. Professor Member(Extension teacher)
4 Mr. Sameer Sunil Bondilkar Clerk Member
5 Mr. Awaf Adhikari SYIT Member (Student manager)
6 Mr. Kunal Anil Dalvi TYIT Member (Student manager)


9Mrs. Jyothi Vasantha  PoojaryCoordinatorFaculty

Sr. No. Name Designation Post
1 Hon. Mr. Kishor C. Dharia Member Management
2 Dr. P. G. Kale Chairperson Principal
3 Dr. Snehal S. Donde Member Administrator Officer
4 Mr. Rakesh Suresh Wadvalkar Member Faculty
5 Mrs. Pallavi Swapnil Kale Member Faculty
6 Miss. Komal Kamlesh Gaikwad Member Faculty
7 Miss. Shraddha S. Suryavanshi Member Student Council
8 Mrs. Sonali K.Dharia Member Management
9 Mrs. Jyothi Vasantha  Poojary Coordinator Faculty


Sr. No. Field Name of the Member
1 Chairperson of the management or his nominee ex-officio Chairperson Hon. Kishor C. Dharia
2 Secretary of the management or his nominee Mrs. Sonali K. Dharia
3 One head of department, to be nominated by the principal or the head of the institution Mr. Sudesh N. Kadam
4 Three teachers in the college or recognized institution, elected by the full-time amongst themselves out of whom atleast one shall be woman i) Mrs. Samidha D. Chandvekar
ii) Mrs. Anushka A. Salunkhe
iii) Mr. Rakesh S. Wadvalkar
5 One non-teaching employee, elected by regular non-teaching staff from amongst themselves Mr. Sameer S. Bondilkar
6 Four local members, nominated by the management in consultation with the principal, from the fields of education, industry, research and social service of whom at least one shall be alumnus i) Dr. Snehal Donde
ii) Dr. A. D. Sawant
iii) Dr.Vaishali Patil
iv) Mr. Vaibhav Pashilkar
7 Co-ordinator, Internal Quality Assurance Committee of the college Mrs. Jyothi V. Poojary
8 President and Secretary of the College Students’ Council i) Mr. Kunal A. Dalvi

ii) Mr. Nikhil R. Utekar

9 Principal of the college or head of the institution – Member – Secretary. Dr. P. G. Kale


CDC Meeting June 2018

CDC Meeting August 2018

CDC Meeting September 2018

CDC Meeting October 2018

CDC Meeting February 2019

Sr. No. Name Designation
1 Mr. Vaibhav Waman Pashilkar President
2 Mr. Tanmay Shrikant Joshi Vice President
3 Mr. Bhushan Ramchandra Kadam Secretory
4 Mr. Rayba Shivraj Malusare Treasurer
5 Mr. Prakash Parmeshwar Prasad Member
6 Mr. Pritesh Dilip Pawar Member
7 Mr. Devesh Dilip Chandvekar Member
8 Mr. Saurabh Dilip More Member
9 Miss. Sejal Shantilal Jain Member
10 Miss. Prajkta Bajirao Patil Member
11 Miss. Heena Arvind Patel Member


Sr. No. Name Designation
1 Mr. Purshottam Kale Chairperson
2 Miss. Komal Gaikwad Convener
3 Mrs. Jyothi Poojary Member (Teaching)
4 Mrs. Anushka Salunkhe Member (Teaching)
5 Mr. Sudesh N. Kadam Member (Teaching)
6 Mr. Kunal Dalvi Student Representative
7 Mr. Nikhil Utekar Student Representative
8 Miss. Pranali More Student Representative
9 Miss. Pranali Sheth Student Representative


  • To develop the self-confidence of Women.
  • To guide about Women Welfare Laws.
  • To assert the importance of spiritual, economic, social, racial and gender equality.
  •  To prevent sexual harassment and to promote general well-being of female students,
    teaching and non-teaching women staff of the College.
  • To promote a social and psychological environment to raise awareness on sexual
    harassment in its various forms by organizing various programs.


  • Orientation about Ragging to the students.
  • Counseling to the students by organizing guest lectures.
  • To prohibit misconduct by any student or students whether by words spoken or written.
  • To prohibit an act which has the effect of teasing, treating or handling with rudeness of a
    fresher or any other student.


  • To introduce a fair, impartial and consistent mechanism for redressal of various issue
    raised by the students.
  • To ensure a responsive and accountable attitude among all stakeholders, thereby
    maintaining a harmonious atmosphere in the CCSIT campus.
  • To ensure the grievances are resolved promptly, neutrally and confidentially.


Sr. No. Name Designation Post
1 Dr. P. G. Kale Chairperson Principal
2 Mr. Rakesh Suresh  Wadvalkar Program Officer Faculty
3 Mr. Sudesh N. Kadam BCS HOD Faculty
4 Mrs. Samidha Devendra Chandvekar B.Sc IT HOD Faculty
5 Mrs. Pallavi Swapnil Kale BMS HOD Faculty