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Junior College



Hirwal Education Trust aims to empower individuals by providing a world-class education in a harmonious environment and strive for their comprehensive development. We established Gurukul Academy, an educational hub consisting of playgroup, nursery, and school. In addition, we founded College of Computer Science and Information Technology (CCSIT) in 2010 in association with Vishwakarma Institute Technology (VIT), Pune. CCSIT consists of Senior college affiliated by Mumbai University. We train and develop our students to become leaders of tomorrow and make a difference in the world. We strongly believe education must not be limited to classrooms only. With an aim for the comprehensive development of our students, we encourage them to participate in various extra-curricular activities and organize events. Hirwal Education Trust initiated this education Endeavor to provide children of rural regions with the best possible education at reasonable and affordable fees. Established over 10 years ago, we have already crossed the 1500 student mark and are proud to become one of the best institutions in the Raigad District. We strive to develop this institute into a one stop education hub with an addition of optional degree and diploma programs. We are thankful to our parents,teachers, children, and well-wishers for always supporting us and inspiring us to do everything of our capabilities to provide best-in-class education.


To create the harmonious educational environment and create a one-stop educational hub that offers best-in-class education and contributes to the comprehensive development of students to make them the leaders of tomorrow.


To provide education of world-class level to rural students in reasonable and affordable fees along with offering an environment that nurtures continuous improvement and extensive development of students and faculty altogether. Along with offering quality education, provide platform and resources to ensure students are well-developed to face the world and have a bright future so that when they look back at us,they say we have not only educated them but made them leaders.