• Industrial Visit at Privi Speciality Chemical Limited
  • Tarang 2022-23
  • National Voters Day
  • “Chala Januya Nadila” Campaign
  • Indradhanush 2022-23



We have state of the art for physics, biology & chemistry lab. With our aim to impart practical oriented education, we have well-equipped labs for students to contribute to an extensive learning. All the faculty members are well-qualified to help each student learn concepts and apply practically. Each lab is equipped with sufficient desktop computers, apparatus and chemicals required to conduct experiments, and a lab assistant to help students in technical and other difficulties. We give a strong emphasis on practical assessment, devising innovative methods to find solutions, and integrating theoretical & practical elements. All computer systems are updated and chemicals & apparatus are tested. Backup power supply ensures uninterrupted learning. In addition, we conduct seminar and conferences from experts from various fields.

Sports Arena

Sports can teach very important life lessons about teamwork, time management, and work ethic that students can use in their future. We provide a huge sports arena along with necessary equipment of different sports. We have also appointed coaches, medical staff, and support staff to help students with their respective sports. Along with studying hard, we encourage our students to participate in various sports tournaments and provide compensation for their participation at different locations. Proper maintenance activities of the arena are carried out time to time to avoid students from getting injured. With an objective of comprehensive development of students, we have made sports arena available for them to have fun and develop different life skills.


Books are a vital part of a comprehensive development of students. Understanding this fact, we have equipped our library with a vast number of technical & general books as per requirement of development of students. Moreover, there are magazines to help students and faculty determine current happenings and trends in the world. Librarians are present to help with lending and finding necessary books. There is also a seating arrangement for students to study without disturbance and interruption. We encourage students to read a different type of books to expand their thinking, explore new worlds, and gain knowledge of the world.


The objective of the Canteen and meal service is to protect by reducing the risk of food borne illness, with proper sanitary conditions and preventing adulterated food. The College Canteen has been functioning efficiently. The canteen is located adjacent to the College. The students who come from faraway places, start their journey to the College early in the morning.

Seminar Hall

These halls are regularly used to conduct Conferences and Seminars in addition of 120 seating capacity.

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